How Far Would You Go to Save Your Daughter?
Extortionists present corporate executive Hal Dwyer with a nightmarish dilemma: Turn over top secret anti-missile software from his defense contractor employer, or forfeit the life of his twelve-year-old daughter. To thwart the extortionists, Dwyer sets out on a quest for answers that takes him from the boardrooms of southern California to the wilds of northern Minnesota. As he seeks to unravel the plot that threatens to destroy his family and his country, Dwyer confronts a ruthless foreign tycoon, a treacherous corporate CEO, and a new, deadlier breed of terrorists, who are determined to turn America’s defenses and freedoms against itself.

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  • Reviews

    “Author Brian Lutterman has proven himself to be a
    master storyteller in this masterfully woven tale of
    tycoons and terrorists. Poised To Kill is highly
    recommended reading, especially for enthusiasts
    of contemporary action/adventure thrillers.”
    Midwest Book Review

    “Lutterman keeps his readers on the edge of their
    chairs until the last page. The twists, chases, and
    shootings by professional terrorists keep occurring
    with increasing tension. Written in the first person,
    Lutterman draws his readers into the thriller.
    Lutterman is the author of BOUND TO DIE, another
    taut, top quality thriller. This is a suspenseful, must
    read book.”
    Marion Cason, I Love a Mystery

    “…a good, enjoyable read, with satisfying links to
    today’s society. Lutterman should garner wide
    audiences for this story, and for those to come.”
    Carl Brookins, Reviewing the Evidence

    “Lawyer and author Brian P. Lutterman’s latest novel,
    Poised to Kill is an action packed suspense thriller
    that’s just simply enjoyable. Lutterman who packed a
    punch with his debut novel Bound to Die, proves that
    he is not just a flash in the pan or a one- book wonder
    with Poised to Kill…Highly recommended.”
    New Mystery Reader Review

    “…tightly plotted and has a fascinating take on an
    interesting scenario.”
    Books ‘n’ Bytes

    “Layers of betrayal is the name of the game in Poised
    To Kill. The plot ventures cross country and back
    around many twists and turns to uncover who might
    be behind the plan to cripple a nation, a major
    company, and ruin one man’s life. Poised To Kill is
    very intriguing and full of unlikely suspects. It will
    keep you turning the pages and digging to find out
    which betrayal is the root or are they all just pieces
    of one big plan.”
    Joy Spear, Murder and Mayhem Book Club

    “The tension starts in the second paragraph and
    doesn’t loosen its grip on the reader until the very
    end. Literally, I could not put the book down. This
    was my first experience with Brian Lutterman;
    now I’m very anxious to read his book, Bound to
    Books ‘n’ Bytes