The Job From Hell . . .

Just Turned Deadly.

Paraplegic young attorney Pen Wilkinson is putting her life back together after a tragic accident, working for a large bank in a faraway city. She soon begins to suspect that the job and the company are not what they seem to be, and suddenly, she is thrust into a nightmare. Unbelievably, Pen is accused by her employer and the media of fraud and wrongdoing, creating a scandal that threatens to bring down her company. Fired from her job, alone, and dodging attempts on her life, Pen uncovers a string of sophisticated, deadly corporate sabotage incidents. Her search for the unseen saboteurs who destroyed her life takes her across the country, reaching a terrifying climax, as she finally confronts the real force behind the plot called Downfall.


“Downfall is an exhilarating action-packed financial thriller . . .”

Harriet Klausner, Mystery Gazzette

“. . . a fantastic read . . . an entertaining and engrossing book.”

Charline Ratcliff Reviews

“Downfall is a very intense thriller. Once I started reading, I couldn’t put it down.”

Mystery Sequels

“Downfall by Brian Lutterman is a well-constructed thriller . . . an excellent read.”

Larry Krantz, Readers’ Favorite Reviews

“. . . replete with suspense made even more dramatic by the protagonist being confined to a wheelchair.”

John A. Broussard, I Love a Mystery

“No one writing thrillers captures the poisoned life of corporate America like Brian Lutterman in Downfall. I long for the return of Pen Wilkinson–hell, I wish I’d thought her up myself.”

Frederick Huebner, Edgar-nominated author of Dominion